Yak-Power Power Plug SAE Connector w/ 4" Pig Tail

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  • Plug your 12v accessories into the Yak-Power system! YP-SAE4 The Power Plug allows you to easily connect most 12v accessories to the Yak-Power system. Whether you want to connect a fish finder, live well pump, navigation light, or other 12v accessory that needs power while you're out on the water, the Power Plug is all you need to power them up. Simply connect the accessory's Positive (+) wire to the RED wire on the Power Plug and the accessory's Ground (-) to the BLACK wire and you're good to go. The Power Plug even comes with the butt connectors and heat shrink tubing you need for a secure, weather resistant connection. Easily plug your 12v accessory into any Power Port, directly into the Power Panel switching system, directly into the Power Pack battery box or straight to a 12v battery using either of the Yak-Power Battery Terminal pig tails (YP-BTP12 or YP-BTP96). The YP-SAE4 Power Plug can be used to plug 12v accessories directly into the following Yak-Power products: Power Ports (YP-PMC48S, YP-PMC96S, or YP-PMC144S)Power Panel switching system (YP-RP5R)Power Pack battery box (YP-BBK)Battery Terminal pig tails (YP-BTP12 or YP-BTP96)