Marine Metal B-11 Bubble Box Air Pump

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  • Marine Metal Product's B-11 Bubble Box Air Pump is ideal for keeping bait fish alive. With a durable, water-resistant housing and adjustable stainless steel mounting clip, the B-11 air pump is quick and easy to use on any bait container holding up to 10 gallons of fresh or saltwater. The clam shell packaging and can be used as a dry box to keep moisture intrusion at bay. The included 24" of silicone tubing is flexible and features a weighted air stone to keep it beneath the water's surface. With durable battery contacts, the B-11 Bubble Box air pump runs for up to 44 hours on 1 or 2 alkaline "D" cell batteries (not included). It makes a reliable back-up pump for home aquariums (up to 10 gallons) in the event of power failures.

    Marine Metal Products B-11 Bubble Box Aquarium Aerator Pump:

    • Runs up to 44 hours on 1 or 2 D cell batteries (not included)
    • Powerful 1.5 VDC motor aerates up to 10 gallons
    • Water-resistant clam shell package protects the pump from splashing water
    • 24" Soft, silicone airline tubing with a weighted air stone and an adjustable stainless steel mounting clip
    • Portable aerator pump is designed for fresh or saltwater use
    • Rubber boot protects the switch
    • Ideal for minnows and shrimp