Fishbites E-Z Squid Fast Acting Bait Strips 1/2in Wide x 12in Long 2pk

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  • Just cut it, hook it and cast it. All you need is sharp scissors. How EZ is that? E-Z baits can be used on a bare hook or as a trailer on a jig or skirt. Each bait strip is 1/2″ wide and about 12″ long. Use them to catch a wide variety of saltwater species. The Fast Acting formula is made with a special fiber-infused gel that gets the flavor/scent dispersed quickly into the water column. There is no cloth mesh in center so once the bait is gone, you’re ready to re-bait instantly without removing any residues. While the gel is designed to work in all water temperatures, it’s best to use in water temperatures below 65F. (2 baits per pack) Features: Red bags No mesh – melts completely away Tear strength = 4 Great for using in water below 65f Dissolves faster in all water temps Provides instant burst of scent in water above 75f