March product spotlight

We are beginning our product spotlight again. The whole purpose of what we are doing with this is we hope to educate customers with what we find to be the best products at this time for the target species at hand to maximize the greatest success rate. We want you to catch basically is what it comes down to so hopefully these spotlights give you a chance to learn these products a little better.

Firstly in our opinion two of the most import colors from zman, Pearl white & Coconut ice. In the image above we have them rigged on a 3/4oz Headlockz HD jig head. Obviously you can use whatever weight that you want but 1/2oz and 3/4oz are always an easy go to. The toughness and elasticity of the baits as well as the action puts it into a category of its own. Some plastics you can only use bouncing off the bottom but these have such a versatile use. They work great as a cast and retrieve bait but work just as well doing a bounce across the bottom. We find you have to play with retrieval rate. When i cast a zman i always start fast and go slower from there. Also play with depth, I'll cast and start reeling instantly then next cast sink a little farther in the water column, then go to the bottom and bounce. Zman works great for just about all species. Striper absolutely love them as do fluke, weakfish, bluefish, seabass, specks and even perch believe it or not.

For the rig portion we decided to showcase 2 of the most important rigs to use during the early spring season. Firstly the 4/0 or 6/0 Circle hook HI-LO rig is essential for clam and bloodworms in the spring for striper. Next up we have the perch rig. Truth be told any small hook rig will work, like small hook seabass or any small hook rig with a baitholder style hook. They are all great for bloodworms and grass shrimp.