Ocean City Weather & Tides

Fishing Report 06/30/22

Welcome to the fishing report for the weekend of July 4th!. The big thing again is cold water temps. That being said just to start the report it has been a little tough fishing.

Fluke fishing has been exceptionally tough. The plummeting water temps has created lockjaw in just about every specie of fish around. We are dropping roughly 10-16 degrees between tides. Incoming tide has been exceptionally difficult to fish. Outgoing tide has been the ideal tide to catch any fluke. With those cold temps big fluke still are holding in the bay. We had a 17yr old customer last Monday catch a 31 inch fluke in 12 feet of water. Gulp seems to be the best bait. 3/8 - 1oz jig heads or bucktails depending on water depth. Minnows work when the water is clean but its mainly been dirty so mackerel strips or scented squid strips have been working great.

Bluefish are still quite sporadic. Ranging from snapper size up to about 5lbs. They have been popping up back bay in surfside. Most fish have been caught while fishing for other species. If you want to target them meat is the ticket. Mackerel or mullet chunks are always a safe bet.

Striped bass are spotty at best. There are a few around the jetties on soft plastics during the day. Night time is the best time around all the bridges and piers.  Paddle tails are the best plastics to use, pink or white on jig heads ranging from 3/8 ounce to 3/4 ounce. 

Kingfish have still been the hot ticket. They seem to be the only fish sticking around with all the water temp changes. Bloodworms have been the best bait by far. Once the water temp dips below 65 fishbites do not work. So keep water temp in mind to which bait you take out. 

Sheepshead have been around. They have been sticking through the cold temps. Been hearing a number of them at Ocean city Longport pier, they hang around all the bridges and pilings. Sand fleas or fiddler crabs are the hot ticket to secure a fish of a lifetime.