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Yak-Power SAE Y-Adapter

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Product Overview

Yak-Power SAE Y-Adaptor

Control the current on the water and in your powered-up kayak with the Yak-Power® SAE Y-Adaptor. This unique Yak-Power upgrade lets you plug two 12V accessories into 1 switched output of your Yak-Power system. Whether you want to have all of your Yak-Power LED lights a single switch or just have a single battery connection to power 2 Power Ports, the Yak-Power SAE Y-Adaptor brings all you need. Simply plug your 12V accessories into the Y-Adaptor, and plug the adaptor directly into the Power Panel switching system, directly into the Power Pack battery box, or straight to a 12V battery using either of the Yak-Power Battery Terminal pig tails (YP-BTP12 or YP-BTP96, each sold separately).
Manufacturer model #: YP-SAEY.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review