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Shimano TEK500HGA Tekota 500 Right-Handed Conventional Levelwind Reel

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Product Overview

The new Shimano Tekota HG Levelwind Reels gives an old staple an upgrade. It features a Hagane Body and an S compact sideplate that decreases the size of the sideplate on the non-handle side to make it much more comfortable to fish with. With the Tekota HG, Shimano was able to reduce the sideplate size by 20% while still maintaining the same line capacities. The other major physical changes are the addition of Coreprotect which provides corrosion protection to the body and clutch and sealed ball bearings. Shimano also increased the gear ratio to 6.3:1 giving you 38" of line returned per crank of the handle. If you're looking for a great bottom fishing or jigging reel and want a levelwind, get yourself a Shimano Tekota HG Levelwind Reel.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review