Outrigger Unlimited 4ft Set

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The next generation of fishing Outriggers for your boat is here!

This product requires no modifications to your vessel using your boats 1-13/16" rod holders - without losing the use of the rod holder. Simply insert the hollow bayonet-style cylinder into the existing rod holder and the outriggers booms will lock in place, parallel to the transom. For reloading, simply swing the boom arm into the cockpit, reload, then let the boom lock in position automatically. Reloading can be done in seconds, even in rough seas. There is no need to reach outside the vessel, reloading can be accomplished inside the cockpit with greater safety!

For easiest and fastest loading and reloading we recommend 0° metal rod holders. Outrigger Unlimited only works with a 1 & 13/16''  diameter metal rod holders.

Outrigger Unlimited Set

The Outrigger Unlimited Set  includes:

  • Port and Starboard Lock Tubes
  • Two (2) four ft. extension booms
  • Two (2) sock lines


  • No More Tangles
  • Make Sharp Turns
  • Extends your beam by 8’ or 12’ (optional)
  • Keeps your baits & lures away from the prop-wash
  • Easier, faster and safer reloading
  • Worry free bridge crossings
  • Larger boats: use as secondary bait spreader
  • Great for trolling, chumming, drifting & bottom fishing
  • Quality crafted - light but rugged – for years of use
  • The most inexpensive outrigger in the market - compare

The compact design eliminates any delays and hassles when passing under the bridges. The light weight design is extremely portable and disassembles in seconds for easy storage.

Each outrigger is assembled using high tolerance machine precision from high quality, non-corrosive alloy castings. The durable aluminum alloy tubing has endured numerous stress tests. The anodized parts offer corrosion protection from the elements. All this is backed by our ONE YEAR LIMITED GUARANTEE!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review