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Orpine OP2 Boat Soap - Quart

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Product Overview

Favored by professional captains, commercial fishermen, boat manufactures, and boat yards for many years, Orpine Boat Soap is now available to all boat owners. The concentrated formula means that just one ounce of Boat Soap mixed in three gallons of either fresh or salt water will wash up to a 45 foot boat. It removes salt and dirt from boats, fishing tackle, trailers, and cars. Use it for everything from the fish box to the cabin. Orpine even eliminates musty mildew odors, leaving a pleasant pine fragrance. The biodegradable and environmentally friendly formula is safe for use on fiberglass, epoxy paints, all metals, wood, and plastics. It will not strip wax from boats or cars and rinses free without leaving any streaks.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review