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Luhr Jensen Crippled Herring® 2oz

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Product Overview

The Crippled Herring is the most versatile lure you'll ever use. It can be vertically jigged, cast and retrieved and even trolled in both fresh and saltwater alike. Its high-action design takes advantage of the strong predator instinct programmed into game fish. For the greatest success, maximize action by choosing the smallest size that fits your needs. In combination with a fish finder, the bait can be targeting precisely in vertical jigging applications. Fish the Crippled Herring vertically, with a slow, long upward motion of the rod tip followed by a fast drop of the tip. The lure will most often be taken on the downward fall. Pay attention for taps and hesitations on the fall and set the hook when they happen. In cold water conditions, pause at the bottom of the drop for up to three seconds to connect with lethargic fish.


  • VMC® treble hook included in packaging up to size 112
  • Precision-engineered for maximum action
  • Life-like body shape


    Model NumberLengthWeight
    4751-0121-5/8"1/2 oz.
    4751-0342-1/4"3/4 oz.
    4751-1002-5/8"1 oz.
    4751-1123"1-1/2 oz.
    4751-2003"2 oz.
    4751-3003-1/2"3 oz.
    4751-4003-3/4"4 oz.
    4751-5004-1/4"5 oz.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review