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Du-Bro 1080 Trac-A Rod Set 2' Holds 6 Rods

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Product Overview

The Du-Bro 1080 Trac-A-Rod Fishing Rod Rack is one of the easiest and most fully adjustable fishing rod storage systems on the market! No more tangled or broken fishing rods stacked in a corner, as it holds 6 rods in a 2 ft. rack. Use in your garage, house, cabin, boat, truck, van or RV.


  • Store rods with reels on
  • Works horizontally or vertically
  • Great in garage, basement, ceiling, boat, truck, camper and more
  • Holds 6 rods/reels
  • Width : 2 ft
  • Capacity : 6 Rods


(No reviews yet) Write a Review