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Challenge 50353 Troll King Bait Bucket

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Product Overview

Challenge 50353 Troll King Bait Bucket.

Troll King Bait Bucket is an innovative rod storage and transport device that keeps you organized at home and with a free hand so you can carry more on your way to your favorite fishing spot!

The Troll King is the king of live bait containers!


  • Fits inside a 5 gallon bucket
  • Floats in the water lower than other buckets keeping the fresh water cooler and circulating throughout the bucket.
  • Wide design with a slight V-shape back preventing the bucket from rolling over when it is retrieved from the water
  • Lower height and slight V-shape design lets the retailer and distributor utilize shelf/warehouse space better while reducing shipping cost
  • A 6 pack carton of the Troll Kings ships in an undersize UPS box reducing costly oversize charges



(No reviews yet) Write a Review