Blue Water Candy MOJO Loaded w9" Shad

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  • The Blue Water Candy Mojos Loaded with 9" Shads are every striped bass anglers dream. Available in 16oz, 20oz, 24oz, and 32oz, you will be able to troll up stripers regardless of what depth you are able to locate them at. Featuring a solid lead head with a distinctive eyeball, loads of hair, and a 9 inch rubber shad rigged with a free swinging Mustad hook, the Loaded Mojos can be ran in tandem with another Mojo via a 3-way swivel or on its own. Whether you fish down south and call them rockfish or up north where we call them stripers, the Blue Water Candy Mojos Loaded with 9" Shads will produce quality cows within 3 miles of the beach.


    • Blue Water Candy - Rock Fish Candy 16 oz Cannonball Mojo Lure Loaded with 9-Inch Swimbait Shad Body (Special Edition Pink)
    • Beautifully painted Cannonball MOJO head featuring large bubble eyes, tied with the finest nylon fibers available with soft mylar accents running through it.