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Blue Water Candy Loaded 16oz x 3oz White w/9in White Shads Tandem Parachute Rig

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Product Overview

Up your odds of connecting with a trophy striper with the Blue Water Candy Rock Fish Candy Loaded Tandem Parachute Rig. This deadly combo gives you 2 parachute jigs, 16 ounce & 3 ounce, pre-loaded with shad bodies, rigged on one ready-to-fish setup. This premium tandem runs behind a sturdy 1/0 3-way swivel connected to 2 pre-tied parachute leaders on 100-lb. test monofilament.


  • Tandem Loaded Parachute Rigs, 16-Ounce and 3-Ounce
  • Comes in white
  • Quality craftsmanship and materials make this product a must have for any fisherman


  • Leader : (1) 14 ft. 100# Mono (1) 4 ft. 100# Mono
  • Swivel : 1/0 3-way swivel
  • Parachutes : (1) 3 oz. Parachute (1) 16 oz. Parachute
  • Color : White


(No reviews yet) Write a Review